Month: April 2019

2019 Summer Dance Camps

As we wrap up our 2018-2019 dance year, we are looking forward to some time off from our regular schedule.  We have several opportunities for dance this summer.  See below for June, July and August Dance Camps’ schedule and pricing.  We welcome all current and new or transfer students to participate in summer dance camps.  New and transfer Pre-School and Kinder students are eligible for FREE camp.  Contact the studio for details.

June Camps

July Camps

August Camps


I Wanna Dance – 2019 Dance Recital Info

We can hardly wait for our 2019 Dance Recital, “I Wanna Dance”.  Each family has received an information packet with everything you need to know for the recital.  In case you misplace your hard copy or need the information on the fly, here’s our complete packet, photo schedule and line-ups for both the matinee and evening performances.  Additional photo and video forms can be picked up at the studio.

Recital Info Packet                  Photo Schedule

Matinee Line-Up                     Evening Line-Up