Etiquette and Rules

Be on time and prepared for class. Once the door is closed and class is in session, no one is permitted to enter without a valid excuse.

Have correct shoes and apparel for all classes. Please put student’s name on all shoes.

Always be respectful of classmates and teachers.

Securely fasten hair away from the face and off the neck. If hair is short, securely pin it back.

Remove and leave all jewelry at home. Small post earrings are permitted for pierced ears.

Do not chew gum. Do not bring food and drink into the studio.

Parents of students ages 3-5 are requested to remain during their child’s class time.

Abiding by these rules will help create an organized studio environment that best encourages learning.

Dress Code

With the exception of Hip Hop, dance attire is form fitting. We want to see the student’s body so we can correct any alignment/placement problems. Leotards and tights permit us to see other areas for correction, such as knees, feet, and shoulders.

For all classes, the hair must be neatly pulled up and away from the face. For Cecchetti, Ballet, and Pointe, the hair must be in a bun or French braids that are secured.

Black leotard and pink tights, appropriate shoes.

Leotard and tights, appropriate shoes.

Leotard and tights (bootie shorts optional).

Hip Hop
Leotard and tights (bootie shorts optional), capris, yoga pants.  May wear T-shirt.  Must have Jazz of Hip Hop shoes. No sneakers or street shoes are permitted on studio floor.