Class Descriptions

Ballet is a theatrical representation of a story or idea by means of dance or pantomimic action, usually accompanied by music.

American Ballet Theatre’s Misty Copeland

Tap is a form of dance in which rhythmic sounds are created by the feet.

Sutton Foster and the tap-dancing cast of Anything Goes at the 2011 Tony Awards

Jazz is a rhythmic stylized dance conceived in America. It has been influenced by jazz and swing music and is a blend of European and African tradition. It is called “America’s Folk Dance.”

Bob Fosse’s choreography on display in All that Jazz from “Chicago”

Modern is a dance style in which different concepts and emotions are developed to create movement, often requiring structured technique.

A scene from Twyla Tharp’s “Movin’ Out'”

Hip Hop is a dance style evolved from street dance dancing and music videos. It has been influenced by many forms of dance, including jazz and modern. It has slowly come to be accepted more widely as a distinct dance form.

All-female Hip Hop group Venus Fly Trap in performance